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Ts and Cs apply
The Life OUTbonus is optional and if selected comprises on average one third of your premium.
Premiums are guaranteed for 5 years and increase on average at 6% per annum.
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INsurance became OUTsurance

Call centre virtual tour

We deal directly with our clients, so we can provide high quality products with exceptional value for money. All it took was one hassle-free phone call and you were instantly OUTsured. Mouse or tilt to have a good look around.


Paying claims quickly and fairly is the most important thing we do because we’re serious about great service. It’s no wonder we consistently beat the industry averages for both the complaint referral and over turn rates in the annual report of the Ombudsman for Short-Term insurance.

3-Quote run-around game

Before OUTsurance came along, most insurers made you do the running around for your own claim. Remember running around from one service provider to the next getting 3 quotes? That’s as old school as an 8bit video game.

Numbers don't lie

If your wallet could talk

Wallets all over South Africa were begging their owners to call OUTsurance and save cash on their car insurance premiums. And if OUTsurance couldn’t save them money they’d get R400. Now that’s how you keep your wallet happy.

We pay out

Watch The Ref-olution

It turns out there’s a secret to being a great rugby ref. A bit of innocent fun on set while shooting TV ads gained us over 1 million social media views.

Pay premiums, not penalties

If you haven't put Business OUTsurance to the test yet for your business, give yourself a red card.

Get a life quote

True stories

Here's what some real clients have had to say about their Help@OUT experiences.

Ride with us

Take a ride along with one of our awesome service providers, CJ Towing, and see how Help@OUT saves the day.

Get help

Service statistics

Rain or shine

Traffic when it’s raining is the worst! But it’s always a comfort to know the Pointsmen will do everything they can to help make it an easier ride.

Service with a smile

When there’s a light out on your route to work and it seems like you’re in for a long wait, there’s nothing like seeing the men and women in green to lift your spirits.

Let's talk tech

Whether you're a client or not, you can join SmartDrive which will gather information via the OUTsurance app in order to reward your good driving habits.


Refer a friend or family member and get R1000 off your next premium if they join.

Help@OUT Roadside assistance

Whether you're a client or not, you can use Help@OUT in a roadside emergency.

*Ts&Cs and limits apply

Help@OUT home

How'd they do it

It might look as if we used a mini bathroom to film this scene but it was anything but that. Take a closer look…

Quick cover

Insuring a new purchase is easier than ever, you can do it absolutely anywhere, straight from your phone.

Quick windscreen cover

The OUTsurance app has made windscreen claims hassle-free. Gone are the days of having to call us to claim for a windscreen, just a few taps and you're done.

Quick as a click

Life is unpredictable. So make sure your family is taken care of, with a quick indicative life quote in under a minute, right from the new OUTsurance app!

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Scroll through this innovative and interactive journey with us to see how everything changed … and how it’s about to change again!

INsurance became OUTsurance

A vision of saving you time and money, a handful of dedicated people and a humble back office. Everything – and nothing – has changed.

Turn Back Time

Insure Direct

Affordable insurance is just a phone call away, saving you time, hassle, and money.

Call Centre 360

Great Service

Less frustration and hassle when you claim. And no more running around getting 3 quotes!

What People Say

3-Quote Run-around Game


We pioneered the legendary OUTbonus. Cash back if you were claim free, to spend as you please.

Numbers Don't Lie


Paid To Date

Save or get

We gave you R400 if we couldn’t beat what you were paying for car insurance.

If Your Wallet Could Talk

We Pay Out

Or, get

If you’ve been claim-free for 3 years.

Direct Business Insurance

as SA’s first direct commercial insurer.

Watch The Ref-olution

Pay Premiums, Not Penalties

Direct Life

Revolutionary direct life insurance. Choose to get all your premiums back in cash after 15 years if you don’t claim*.

Get A Life Quote


Free 24 hour emergency home and roadside assistance, even if you’re not a client.

True Stories

Ride With Us

Get Help

The Pointsmen Project

Pointsmen and women at congested intersections help you go places, quicker.

Service Statistics

Rain Or Shine

Service With A Smile

Out With The Old

We’re at it again, with a new logo marking a new era of digital innovation. To see how we’re making insurance easier and more rewarding, again…

Scroll On


Drive smart and get a premium discount of up to 25%... even if you’re not a client.

Let's Talk Tech


Refer a friend or family member and get R1000 off your next premium if they join.

How He Gets Free Insurance

Help@OUT Car

From flat batteries to flat tyres, help is just a tap away.

Check It Out

Help@OUT Home

From locksmiths and plumbers to beekeepers and tree fellers, simply tap our app.

How'd They Do It

Quick Cover

Cover a new purchase at the push of a button and the click of a camera.

Tap, Click, Covered

Quick Windscreen Claim

Complete a glass claim directly from the app without ever speaking to the call centre.

Quick Windscreen Claim

Get Help

Quick Life Quote

Why have over 170 thousand people trusted us with their lives? Get a life insurance quote in under one minute and see!

Quick As A Click


A new product will be joining the OUTsurance family soon. OUTvest will offer you a purely digital investment platform with advice. OUTvest, because we all have goals.

Oldest car insured

1932 Ford Coupe

2006: OUTsurance Namibia in partnership with FNB Namibia. 2008: OUTsurance Holdings launches Youi in Australia, the first African company to set up an insurance business in Australia. 2014: OUTsurance Holdings launches Youi New Zealand.

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